I am part of an international artist’s collective with Kim Counes of Oakland, California and Hirokazu Fukawa of Japan.

Together we form Nuclear Café.

Nuclear Café is, first and foremost, an intersection of the accountabilities of three artists – it is interactive, participatory and global.

Our primary goal is to engage the communities where our project finds a home, to solicit their participation and, hopefully, have a meaningful impact on the people with whom we interact either personally our through our work. And we want them – their experiences, their stories, their hopes and their fears – to impact and change us and the work we produce both as individuals and as a collective.

Nuclear Café has no limits or boundaries, either artistically, physically or conceptually. We work through installations, performance and technologies new and old.

So long as the story is told, so long as the experience is ully realised, so long as the result is what we as artists intend, anything goes.