Artist’s Statement

Through paintings and a vast array of other graphic techniques, I work with narratives that lie on the border of the real and the fictive, stretching the boundaries of belief. I do this as a direct consequence of our age – an age where truth is what we make of it, where our beliefs, values and morals are nurtured more and more by our hyper-mediated consumerist society which blurs the line between the real and the fake with increasingly subtlety and deftness.

Often using humour, my work pushes against this boundary by playing with the truth – or whatever version I can create – to create doubt within the audience, not only as regards the work on display, but in contemporary art practices as a whole, and Western society’s lacking levels of consequence and accountability. I explore the placebo effect of art in contemporary culture, wherein its purported importance and worth are more real than its actual importance or worth.

My art lets itself be transformed by Western society, representing our capacity for collective inaction: to be informed, to be told what to like, to be given “proof” of value.

It’s easy to make fun of things you don’t understand, but difficult to make fun of things to further understanding.

I also work as a part of the multi-media artists collective NUCLEAR CAFÉ.