Free Narrative Drawings


I create or manipulate single-image and sequential narratives. These are not unlike comic books, wherein action is suggested by a sequence of images and text, and narrative flow is both created and truncated by the space between panels or between panel and text, falling to the reader/viewer to fill in the blanks and create narrative momentum. It is a structure unique to the medium, and which remains largely unexplored within the context of contemporary art.
I use sequence, text, pattern, panel size and positioning to sublimate traditional linear storytelling sense, purposefully creating a disconnect between images, or between image and narrative text, thus breaking apart expected sequence to open the narrative(s) up to as many different meanings and readings are there are viewers for the work.
This is why the texts and images are usually non-specific, lacking defining markers: to maintain a level of ambiguity and to suggest that the “other part” of the story is in the image and vice versa, culminating in a connection (or connections) between the two. The texts essentially make the drawings more contemplative and together they evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder where none might otherwise exist, and highlight the role the viewer/reader and their subjectivity play in the work.
The texts are written on the spot, in one go, as free-form, stream of consciousness narratives. Grammar and spelling errors corrected as I write or upon rereading, with the texts sometimes edited long after originally being written. I also continue certain narratives on separate drawings long after the original text. Rarely, if ever, are there any preconceived notions as to what will be written, and yet many of the narratives often adopt seemingly socio-political or apocalyptic undertones.
The images used are either from photos sourced from the internet or taken (and often staged) by me, with several recurring motifs.
With this work, I wish to explore the structural and thematic possibilities and limitations of sequential narrative, subverting its tropes to push the boundaries of this unique medium, instead of merely co-opting its visual lexicon for pop art.